Jonathan Garces

Jonathan Garces

Marketing Assistant
  • The Probate Law Firm
  • 1395 Brickell Avenue Ste 800 Miami, FL 33131
  • (305) 456-3255

My family is from Colombia, however, I was born and raised here in South Florida. After graduating High School, I decided I wanted to learn how to code and attended a trade school in New York City. It took me a few months after graduating to realize it wasn't what I loved to do. Havinng a little bit of experience, and a few different courses under my belt I decided to go down the path of marketing and haven't looked back since. 

Why I Love What I do

The more my marketing is successful, the more of an impact I have on people's lives.  This is what I love about being at The Probate Law Firm. I'm able to see the reviews, the testimonials, the experiences our clients have when working with us and it's an amazing feeling to know my work helped them go through this positive experience. I've always enjoyed helping individuals and through marketing I'm able to help people at scale, as well as have a chance to speak to thos



  • Web Development Certificare, General Assembly, 2019


  • Fluent in English
  • Fluent in Spanish


  • Fluent in Spanish Keeping active (Running, Boxing, Swimming), reading, traveling, eating out and volunterrting at local beach cleanups.