Our legal team has written a variety of articles to help people understand the Florida estate planning process. Browse through our library to learn why estate planning is necessary, how your plan impacts your future health and medical care, and how an attorney’s help can simplify the process.

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  • Is Your Estate Plan Missing These Essential Documents and Provisions? When you think about an estate plan, what do you think of? Often people will think of a Last Will and Testament or some form of Trust. Other methods of planning are often overlooked, and those options may be pivotal if something were to happen to you.
  • What happens if you do not have the original Last Will and Testament? What happens then, if the original Last Will and Testament of the Decedent is unavailable? A typical scenario where this occurs is when the testator (i.e., the person who made the Will) gave copies of the Will to their family but did not tell the family members where the original Will was located. The Court will not accept the copies of the Will if the original Will can be located. (Check out Steps to Take to Locate a Missing Will for information on how to locate a missing original Will.) If after an exhaustive search the original Will cannot be located, will the court accept a copy of the Will?
  • Getting older is no fun. At what point does one lose their legal rights? We generally need more help as we get older. Often we need someone to be named as our legal guardian. Have you planned for this? If not, the court will decide.