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The choices a person makes in an estate plan can affect beneficiaries for years into the future. Many estate plans contain omissions or errors that can cause problems after the creator has passed away. Even with a solid plan, probate may take weeks or months to complete, and can even enter litigation if family members challenge the terms of a will.

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Our past newsletters have explored topics such as:

  • Essential documents to include in an estate plan
  • How to navigate the probate process in Florida
  • How divorce can affect your estate plan
  • Probate tips for out-of-state heirs
  • How to build an estate plan that covers your specific needs
  • Tips on dealing with family disputes after a loved one passes
  • When to consider using a trust in your estate plan
  • How to ensure your loved one’s estate is administered correctly
  • How to choose your health care surrogate
  • The duties of a personal representative to an estate

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