Estate planning means different things to different people. Some people come to us because they have recently bought a house, or inherited money and want to make sure it doesn’t fall into the wrong hands. Others are updating existing documents after a divorce or remarriage, while new parents may be creating an estate plan for the first time to protect their growing family. Whatever the reason you are considering creating or updating your estate plan, our goal is to walk you through the process and give you useful information along the way.

The Probate Law Firm provides comprehensive legal assistance to Florida residents who want to take the worry out of the estate planning process. Our virtual presence allows us to meet with clients from the comfort of their own homes, create a customized plan that covers their most pressing concerns, and remain easily accessible for any questions or future legal matters. Best of all, we handle all cases with flat fees and no hidden charges or costs. Call our office today or fill out our contact form to set up your first online strategy session.

We Create a Personalized Estate Plan That Meets Your Family’s Needs

In our experience, it is not enough to have clients simply sign a few boilerplate documents and send them on their way. That is why we begin every case with an in-depth phone or video call to get to know you. We will discuss a little about your personal and financial situation, but we mostly encourage you to share with us while we just listen. We ask questions that get to the center of why you are trying to protect yourself or a loved one in the first place. We spend time with you because we believe that learning about who you are and what you want is the best way to create a plan that serves you and your family for years to come.

Protection for All Aspects of Your Life

You may already have created a Last Will and Testament naming the heirs who will receive your possessions and manage your affairs after you pass away. While your Will is a vital part of your estate plan, it is not the only document you will need to protect your health and financial future. As an experienced estate planning law firm, our role is to identify any blind spots in your estate plan and create customized solutions, giving you and your loved ones peace of mind.

We can simplify complicated estate planning matters such as:

  • Inheritance. Many people worry about how their property will be passed down to their beneficiaries after their passing. We draft your documents to make sure that your spouse, children, friends, and other loved ones inherit your property according to your wishes, preventing future disputes that could result in costly legal action.
  • Future health needs. Your estate plan does not just contain important provisions for your loved ones, but also directs family members on your future care. Documents such as a Living Will and Designation of Health Care Surrogate can give you control over your end-of-life medical care and appoint a trusted person to make health care decisions on your behalf. We will also make a plan that will allow you to pay for long-term care if you are incapacitated without the need to sell your home or drain your life savings.
  • Guardianship. At its heart, estate planning is protecting those you love even when you can no longer be with them. This includes designating someone to care for your minor children if you were to suddenly pass away.
  • Asset protection. Your wealth and property may have to go through probate after you pass away, a drawn-out court process to settle any debts against you before passing the rest of the estate on to your heirs. We can determine whether some or all of your assets could be held in trust or otherwise avoid probate, passing directly to your next of kin without delay or financial losses.

If you are looking to create a lasting relationship with a law firm that will be with you and your family for years to come, then you want The Probate Law Firm! Our legal team stands ready to assist clients in Miami-Dade County and throguhout Florida who need help creating a comprehensive estate plan. Contact us today to have us get started on your estate plan and get the peace of mind you are looking for.