After a family member passes away, survivors are expected to tackle complex procedures known as probate in order to close their loved one's estate. Probate is a complicated legal process that involves attorneys, judges, and overwhelming paperwork, and it can take six months or more to fully resolve. During this time, survivors must wait to occupy, sell, or rent their relative's property, sometimes causing costly delays and fighting among family members.

If you have been appointed as the personal representative to an estate, your role may require you to fill out forms and perform legal processes that are completely foreign to you, with the exact requirements depending on the specifics of your loved one's estate. If your loved one lived, died, or held assets in the state of Florida, you will likely have to go through probate in Florida—and you will need an attorney who is licensed to practice law in Florida to complete the probate process. So who can you entrust with your future if you live hundreds of miles away from the nearest Florida probate court?

A Miami Probate Attorney Providing Legal Help to Clients Across Florida

The Probate Law Firm was created to provide comprehensive legal assistance to both residents and non-residents of Florida. Our virtual presence allows us to meet with clients anywhere in the world, handling their probate administration and even representing our clients in probate court without the need for them to travel out-of-state. Best of all, we handle all cases with flat fees and no hidden charges or costs. Call our office today or fill out our contact form to set up your first online strategy session.

If We Do Our Job Right, You Won't Even Know Probate Is Going on

Each state creates its own laws for what happens to a resident's assets after they pass away. In general, probate exists to ensure that all the deceased's outstanding debts have been paid, and that the deceased's property is legally transferred to named heirs. The judge overseeing the probate case will review everything that your family member may have owned (including bank accounts, real estate, stocks, and insurance policies), allow creditors to come forward to collect debts, ensure taxes are paid, and determine which heirs and beneficiaries will receive the remaining assets.

Our goal is to make the probate process as easy as possible for you. From our first virtual strategy session, we get to know you—your situation, your problems, your goals. If you allow us to handle your case, you can enjoy minimal stress while we provide:

  • Partial or total probate requirements. If your relative lived in Florida part-time, you may only need to file probate proceedings in Florida for a single property, bank account, or other portions of your relative's estate. We can determine how much of the estate is required to go through probate and perform partial or full probate proceedings depending on your needs.
  • A smooth transfer of assets. As an efficient and results-driven law firm, we transfer ownership of real estate, bank accounts, and other holdings in order to give you the access you need as quickly and as hassle-free as possible.
  • Regular updates. We pride ourselves on staying in constant contact with our clients, promptly returning phone calls and emails to let you know how your case is progressing.
  • Litigation. If someone is contesting your loved one's wishes, we will fight tenaciously for your interests in probate court. If you are an heir that lives outside of the state of Florida, you may not be required to travel to Florida for the probate case.

Our legal team stands ready to assist clients in Miami-Dade County, throughout Southeast Florida, and anywhere in the United States who need help with Florida probate matters. Contact The Probate Law Firm today to learn how we can help in your first strategy session.