7 Mistakes You Must Avoid to Prevent Family Fighting After You Are Gone

There are many reasons people begin the estate planning process. A sudden illness or incapacity, the birth of a child, or purchase of new property can all cause a desire to get a person’s heirs in order as quickly as possible. Unfortunately, rushing through the process or using boilerplate documents can leave gaps in the legal paperwork that cause fighting among heirs. Even worse, those who fail to make any plans for their passing could leave all their worldly property to ex-spouses and other unintended relatives.

Attorney Justin Stivers wrote 7 Mistakes You Must Avoid to Prevent Family Fighting After You Are Gone as a free resource for families in Florida and beyond. When you download your copy of the guide, you will learn:

  • How to use payable on death (POD) or beneficiary designations for your bank accounts
  • The best way to gift personal items to your loved ones
  • How to choose the right Personal Representative for your estate
  • True stories of estate planning mistakes our law firm has tackled in the past
  • How to designate a legal guardian for your minor children
  • Options to avoid probate when leaving real estate or other property to beneficiaries
  • Special rules regarding Homestead Properties in Florida
  • How to make a plan for outstanding debts collected during probate
  • Other actions to take now to make sure your loved ones are protected after you are gone

This guide is vital for those who are just starting the estate planning process, are helping a loved one create a will, or who are thinking about updating an existing estate plan. Fill out the form below to download yours now, or please call us at (305) 456-3255 if you have any questions.

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