“I want to thank Justin for being an extremely responsible and talented attorney, he has represented some of my Real Estate clients with their probate matters, his vast knowledge and experience in the Probate Service has made my clients​ feel at peace, comfortable and​ stress free.

I also want to add that he not only deeply cares about his clients, but also about ​his ​community and the world​. His skills to make this a better world have been proven over and over again,​ including being a volunteer​ member of the Peace Corps, which is a​ volunteer​ program run by the USA whereby members go to third world countries to help with all types​ of​ technical,​ ​social and economic development. Honduras was one country he lived in for two years, and it’s a better place because of Justin!​

​Please feel free to contact me for further information. Do yourself a favor and use Justin for all your probate needs!​”

Sonia Gilman, Realtor, Coldwell Banker, Coral Gables, Florida