"We recently had a gentlemen come into the office, uh, his, his father, well, not his real father, not his biological father, but the person who had raised him recently passed away. And he has, um, some real estate that he believed he was entitled to. Unfortunately, for this gentleman, uh, the, the person who passed away had never married, uh, his mother, um, had never adopted him and, and never.

Taking the time to write a will or anything saying that he wanted to leave anything to, to this gentleman, even though, uh, he had basically been raised by this man, uh, for, you know, the majority of his life. However, the person who passed away had other biological children and therefore those biological children are going to inherit everything.

So, especially in today's age where it's very common for. People to have children raise them, but maybe they're not married to their biological mother or [00:01:00] father. It's very important that you have something in writing because I'm sure the gentlemen who passed away would have wanted his, um, you know, his in essence, his son to receive something.

But because he didn't adopt him because he never married. Uh, this, this man's wife and because he didn't write anything down, unfortunately he didn't, um, he's not going to receive anything. So in Florida, uh, if that's your situation and, uh, make sure that you write down a will or, or a trust or something and have those, have those wishes written down."