"Hey everyone. Justin Stivers here under the probate law firm. Uh, talking a little bit about safety deposit boxes, safe deposit boxes are not as common, but still a lot of people will keep them. They'll put, um, you know, important paperwork, have some clients who maybe put expensive jewelry and gold, uh, different things like that into them at a bank.

They want to keep them safe. That's all great. But. If you don't have a beneficiary or give someone access, or maybe even set up a trust or something, uh, your heirs, your beneficiaries are not going to be able to get into that safe deposit box, uh, without an order of the court, which can take a little bit of time, uh, especially if you put your will in there.

Um, we're not going to be able to get it, uh, until we get an order from the court, which makes the process a little bit different. So. Just a, you know, friendly advice. If you've got a safe deposit box, go to your bank, add a beneficiary, update the accounts so that it's easy for your, for your heirs to get into it."