"Something people don't really think about when it comes to probate and inheriting a property is homeowner's insurance. And obviously if you've got a piece of property here in Florida, you know how important it is to have a homeowner's insurance on your property. Uh, but when someone dies, they either, or had homeowners insurance, in which case the insurance company is probably not going to renew the renew, the insurance, because the person passed away.

Or if there is no homeowners insurance, then the mortgage company, the lender is probably going to put a forced place insurance on the property. And that premium, that mortgage payment is going to go up extremely high. So I always tell clients, listen, if you, even, if you don't want to sell a property and you're already living in it, you probably still want to do the probate just so that you own the property and can get homeowners insurance.

Uh, or if there's a mortgage, you can get your own home owner's insurance, because it's going to be much, much cheaper. So talk to you guys soon."