"Hey everyone. Justin Stivers owner of The Probate Law Firm here talking about real estate and how to avoid probate. So probate obviously happens after someone passes away to court process. And at the end of the court process, a judge is going to say, who gets, what is your stuff? Almost all of the probates that we do involve a piece of real estate, which means that someone owned their home.

They passed away. And now in order for their children, their heirs or beneficiaries to receive that property, to inherit that property, they have to hire a law firm. An attorney can go through the probate process, real estate. It's so easy to avoid having your, your family, your heirs go through the process.

You can create a trust, very easily, put the property in the name of a trust, which is a great tool to, uh, reduce liability. You can also, you can also change the title, put joint tenants with rights of survivorship. If you guys have questions about this, interested in updating your property, your title, give us a call (305) 456-3255.

Talk to you guys soon."