"Everybody want to take a minute to talk about power of attorneys and when you can and can't use them. So real quick, a power of attorney document that you signed, that someone signs giving rights to somebody else. So let's say that you want to give, you know, your sister, the authority to sign legal documents, to go to the bank and access bank accounts or whatever the case may be.

You'd sign a power of attorney authorizing that person to be able to do that. The thing is though, After you pass away that power of attorney is no longer valid. So a lot of times we'll get a client who says, Hey, listen, I want to go access my, you know, my father's bank account. He gave me power of attorney he's passed away.

Well, unfortunately, uh, if the person has passed away, the power of attorney is no longer, no longer valid. So you can't use it anymore. So anyways, power of attorneys are great, but can't use a master. The person's passed away."