"Hey everybody. Justin Stivers owner, the probate law firm here wanted to take a second to talk about, uh, one of the most common things that we see in probate or one of the most common things that has to go through the probate process. And that's when somebody has an account, usually a 401k and an IRA IRA, or some sort of an investment account.

And they don't name a beneficiary on that account. Um, or the person they've named as the beneficiary has passed away. So this recently happened on a case that we have, um, gentlemen, uh, had passed away. He had a, uh, he had a savings account or investment account. He had named as his beneficiary as his wife.

Unfortunately, his wife had died a couple of years before him. So now his kids are having to do a probate in order to get access to that account. So if you've got an investment account, a 401k. IRA, anything like that? Double triple check, make sure, uh, you know who the beneficiary is."